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Queer Deadheads - I've been a hardcore deadhead since I was a kid in Redwood City and they were a local band. Finding gay deadheads was always a mostly unfulfilled dream until the first queerdeadheads page, our predecessors, showed up on the net a few years ago. If you like the dead AND boys, you belong here.


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I'm not sure what next. There is a QDH maillist/newsgroup or whatever you call it, details of which I hope to have posted here in a few days. Also, like the old QDH pages, members can start registering although I don't know how to create one of those web forms you can fill out so until then you'll have to email me with nickname state and email address. Hopefullyy we can start to hook up, Any member who wants one can have a web page at this site and a forwarding email address as long as the spam stays in check


send mail to dognaked@queerdeadheads.com



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